Get  Free Publicity and Be Featured on Television, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers and Podcasts
Are you looking for easier ways to draw attention to your business?

Are you struggling to build a following through social media and feel like you're spinning your wheels?

Would you like to get in front of tens of thousands of targeted prospects?

Why not take advantage of the marketing already done by media outlets. They spend tens of thousands of dollars drawing their audiences. You can leverage that by getting interviewed on television, radio and podcasts, or in magazines and newspapers. 

The best part is, you can do this for FREE! 

However, you need to know how to find the best media outlets for you and how to connect with them. 
That's what the Media Mastery Boot Camp is for.
As part of the three-day workshop, you will:
  • Discover how to use 8 criteria to identify your best story
  • Learn how to write your media pitch
  • Identify the best media outlets for you
  • Understand how to make contact/find emails for producers, editors, writers
  • Have two completed media-ready pitches to send out Monday morning
  • AND GET:
  • Lifetime access to the entire Media Mastery System material and updates 
  • Access to Media Mastery System support group to ask questions and get feedback from the community 
  • Access to email templates and writing samples
  • Explanation of and access to updated editorial calendars
  • One-to-one feedback on written exercises done during the course 
  • The option to send material to Baila for feedback after the workshop if you don't complete it over the weekend
Dates: June 16, 17, 18 . 9am-5pm (PDT)
Location: YWCA Fitness+ 535 Hornby
Vancouver, B.C.
Yes Baila! I'm ready to invest in myself, take charge of my own spotlight and get the media coverage I deserve
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I also realize that I have a 30-day money back guarantee which means I can get access to the entire online training, attend the group coaching calls, ask my questions from the support group and if I believed that I’m not getting the value that I expected, upon request within 30 days of this order I will get my money back.
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What Baila's clients say about her:

Andrew Seipp - principal consultant, Telclarity Telecom Consultants

I have attended Baila's webinars, as well as seen her speak at the GetSetGo! Summit, and I can tell you that Baila knows her stuff. After using just a few of her techniques I have been very successful at pitching to the media including acceptance into Business in Vancouver's "Ask the Experts" section. I have since signed up for her full workshop and can't wait to see the results I will gain from taking my media pitches to a whole new level. 

Lynn Williams - best-selling author, financial retirement planner

Hidden gem is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Baila. I had the pleasure of Baila’s help in launching my book. I can’t thank her enough for the ideas and the confidence boost she provided in getting the word out. She has a wealth of knowledge about how to turn your expertise into information others want to read and she shares her considerable knowledge and connections generously. Baila would be a fabulous asset if you want greater PR exposure and need the practical, know-how to get started. And, this comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Robert Murray – international speaker and transformational strategy leader

I attended one of Baila's sessions on capturing the attention of the media for your business. Baila is incredibly knowledgeable about how the media works and what captures their attention. Her years of experience were obvious from the great tips and tricks she shared with us and the stories of how to and how not to go about targeting media outlets. I learned more from her in 45 minutes than I have amassed in 20-plus years as an executive in front of the media and the author of two books on business. Thank you, Baila!

Aisha Tejani – social media strategist and digital content writer

I can't believe the results I achieved after working with Baila. I had a one-time, one-hour session with Baila for advice on how to get my organization in the media. Following her advice, I prepared a pitch and only sent it to five media contacts. The result? My pitch got picked up by BC Business the next week and my organization was featured in the April 2015 issue. If you want guaranteed results, I highly recommend you book a session with Baila.
Yes Baila! I'm ready to invest in myself, take charge of my spotlight and get the media overage I deserve
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Baila Lazarus is an award-winning writer and editor, a media strategist, speaker and instructor at Small Business BC. She was the managing editor of Glacier Media Magazines and Special Publications divisions, news features editor at Business in Vancouver newspaper and a business commentator for Global Morning News. Her 20+ years of journalism include print, radio, television and online production. She has been featured as a speaker for the BC Communications Forum, the GetSetGo! Summit, Vancouver Island Tourism and SOHO Victoria, among others. 

Baila has received thousands of press releases and media pitches in her work and knows what works. From an editor's point of view, she knows what she wants to receive and how it should be structured.

She provides workshops, webinars and consulting sessions on media strategies to entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and marketing companies.
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